The Rogue Sentinel Akshan


Dirty Fighting

Akshan's "Dirty Fighting" is a passive ability that lets his basic attacks deal bonus magic damage to enemies he stuns, making it a punishing counter for opponents who engage him recklessly.



With "Avengerang," Akshan throws his boomerang in a straight line, damaging enemies both on the way out and on the return, offering both ranged poke and zoning capabilities.


Going Rogue

Akshan's "Going Rogue" is his W ability, allowing him to cloak and gain a burst of movement speed when he enters a nearby cover, providing him with the element of surprise and swift repositioning in the heat of battle.


Heroic Swing

In "Heroic Swing," Akshan grapples onto a terrain feature, using his rope to swing to a chosen location, providing him with remarkable mobility and vertical positioning.



Akshan's ultimate ability, "Comeuppance," targets an enemy who recently took down one of his allies, granting him the power to execute a high-damage shot that, if successful, revives the slain teammate, adding a unique and powerful support aspect to his kit.

Akshan is a charismatic and resourceful champion in the renowned online multiplayer game League of Legends (LoL). With his distinct appearance and charming personality, Akshan is known for his swashbuckling style and quick wit. His attire, featuring a dashing hat and trench coat, adds to his roguish and adventurous demeanor.

In terms of personality, Akshan is often depicted as a lighthearted and jovial character. He is driven by a strong sense of justice and a desire to right the wrongs he encounters. His cheerful and confident nature makes him a likable and audacious figure in the game’s lore.

Akshan’s gameplay revolves around his sharpshooting and acrobatic abilities, but beyond his combat prowess, his character design and narrative paint him as a hero who values not only skill but also compassion, fighting for a better world. His combination of marksmanship and a strong sense of morality make him a captivating and heroic champion in the League of Legends universe.