How to Properly Support Your ADC as a Support

In the dynamic world of League of Legends and, the bond between an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) and their Support is essential for success in the bottom lane. As a Support player, your role isn’t just about warding and healing; it’s about creating opportunities and ensuring your ADC thrives. Here’s a guide on how to properly support your ADC in a way that maximizes your team’s chances of victory:

1. Vision Control:

Warding is one of the most critical aspects of support play. Invest in control wards and place them in key areas of the map to deny vision to the enemy team. Ensure that you maintain vision in the river and around objectives like Dragon and Baron.

2. Zone Control:

As a Support, your presence can dictate the flow of the lane. Zone control is about positioning yourself to threaten the enemy ADC and Support. This can help your ADC farm safely and potentially set up kills.

3. Peel for Your ADC:

Protecting your ADC is your top priority. If the enemy engages, use your crowd control abilities to peel for your ADC and keep them safe. Crowd control can include stuns, slows, or knockbacks.

4. Roaming and Map Awareness:

While you should focus on your ADC, don’t forget about the rest of the map. If you see an opportunity to roam and assist other lanes, communicate with your ADC and make a move. Just be sure not to leave your ADC in a vulnerable position.How to Properly Support Your ADC as a Support

5. Warding Objectives:

Besides keeping the river warded, prioritize placing vision around Dragon and Baron Nashor. Securing these objectives can be a game-changer, and your vision control can make it easier for your team to secure them.

6. Itemization:

Choose your support items wisely. Consider items that complement your team’s needs. For example, items like Locket of the Iron Solari can provide valuable shields in team fights, while Redemption can heal your team during battles.
7. Communication:

Maintain clear communication with your ADC and the rest of your team. Use pings and the chat to relay important information about enemy movements, objectives, and cooldowns.

8. Adaptive Playstyle:

Adapt your playstyle to your ADC’s preferences and the matchup. Some ADCs prefer an aggressive playstyle, while others may want to play more defensively. Adjust your approach accordingly.

9. Learn and Improve:

League of Legends is a game of continuous learning. Review your games, identify areas for improvement, and work on enhancing your support skills.

By following these tips, you can become a valuable asset to your ADC and your team as a whole. Remember that support isn’t just about keeping your ADC alive; it’s about enabling them to thrive and helping your team secure victory.